About Us

www.4yagas.com is an online inspirational and motivational video hosting media aimed at young and gifted Africans – YAGAS (and anyone who might have something of interest to offer them). These YAGAS are always bubbling with enthusiasm to express themselves through simple video. We seek to partner with those young Africans who love to push boundaries, break new grounds and follow their star, no matter how high they have to soar to achieve that. These are opinion leaders who dare to be heard and become that inspiration our world often craves for.

At www.4yagas.com we believe that the story of Motherland becoming must be told. Hence, through their voices being heard beyond any forms of confines, these young and gifted Africans’ light will shine and their lives immortalized.

www.4yagas.com promises to partner with these young and gifted African (YAGAS) beyond simply providing them a platform for getting their videos published. We go further and promote those inspired messages through being the conductor for their infinite reach, thereby ensuring that their mission to positively influence the world is successful. Thus, we will publish the video sent to us, as long as it is inspiring along universally moral lines in any genre of life and from any part of Africa and the world. Then we will go ahead and promote those videos through other media and platforms.

Any original type of video, even the “selfie” types from the smart phones, are most welcome as long as they are between one (1) and five (5) minutes. The trick is to be simple while being original and passionate about the subject.

We will also host regular local, national and international events where we will invite these young African opinion leaders and their global counterparts to share their inspiration for a better world. Those such events will also produce video material to be published and hosted on our platform www.4yagas.com

Through a vast array of partners our mission is to add value to these inspired voices, helping them to sell their inspired ideas for whatever price desired.

We are inviting ALL young and gifted Africans (YAGAS) to share what is in their minds and hearts to the world through us and we will help them rise and their lights shine upon the whole world.We also invite those who, might not be young Africans, but have a contribution they believe is for the good of the YAGAS, to freely contribute.

On that note, our motto is:

“Your Life-Our Light!”