Life is your most valuable currency, spend it wisely and you will achieve happiness while making it a fuller richer experience. ALWAYS do your best to avoid the following ten bad habits:

  1. Looking at what the other fella is up to

The race of life is won by those who put all their mind’s effort to the tasks and issues at hand. When you start taking your eyes off the “ball” and checking the progress of the next person while neglecting your own, you are bound to be distracted and derailed. Seeking inspiration from others who have either succeeded or failed is a good thing, but seeking external approval or outright copying never created an empire;

  1. Worrying about what “they” would say and pretending to be what you are not

Most of the times “they” don’t care about you and what you do. If they do care it means you already have an impact in their lives, so why not go even higher? Why choose to live in the closet and let darkness, stuffiness, creepers and crawlers to be your company? Set your own trends, be the leader and king or queen of your own castle. If you don’t someone will try to rule it and ruin it in the process;

  1. Procrastinating and fearing the unknown

The Porridge will never taste perfectly right, just tuck in and fill up the stomach. The opportunities that you failed to take and those you did, will, not in the distant future, be the difference between your success and failure. Look here, I’m not being an advocate for outright gambles (although at times it takes one or two of them to be successful). I am always in support of taking calculated risks. However, never let the fear of both the known and the unknown stop you from taking your best shot at the things you treasure;

  1. Worrying about the guilt of the past or even celebrating the “good old days”

For you to live as “hot property” you must quit being the cold dish of yesterday. Of course I’m not saying you must not be remorseful and make amends and atone for your discrepancies. But dwelling on them and failing to move on is always a hindrance to living your full authentic life. Just forgive others or yourself, forget and move on.  On the other hand, the victories of yesterday and yesteryear are only good when they serve as inspiration and a reminder that you always have the capabilities of a winner. Otherwise, they would only serve to stagnate your life. Good entertainers, especially musicians will tell you that one is as good as their current hit;

  1. Worrying about the future-heaven is now

Here is how it goes: Heaven is here and now, therefore, divorce Past, put your engagement to Future on ice, and marry both Present and Now- you will never live your life in regret. After all today is the tomorrow you were worried about yesterday;

  1. Minding other people’s business

I mean this both literally and figuratively. Stop trying to solve the world’s problems until you have managed to save your own self. It is true that at some point you will need to be a follower, an underling, a subordinate or a deputy. But always remember it is not your destiny. You were created to be and you deserve to be the head honcho at some point if you are to live a fuller life. On this one, I don’t care what means you will employ, but always go for the top drawer and the one that comes with all the “bells and the whistles”;

  1. Dwelling on the bad and negatives

Living with a bad attitude and negativity is like one who tries to swim with a rock tied to their neck. Things of a particular nature always draw to themselves things of a nature similar to them. Hence the adage “Like begets like.”  That is the reason why negativity and bad energy will always draw to itself negativity and bad energy. Stay clear of those and you will never sink and drown, but float on the sea waters of life even during the occasional tempests;

  1. Hate and selective loving

Hatred is always an offspring of fear. All the things we hate are the things we “think” we cannot handle. If you fear strangers because you think you cannot handle them, you are bound to hate them. The same applies to other life’s challenges; they would be liberating if you could conquer your fear and take a plunge in. We always love particular individuals and or things because we think they are good while, instead, it would be best to love even those deemed to be bad. Train yourself in the art of focusing on their best side, see only their best and the best will come out of them for you and ALL. Move beyond loving your enemies by having no enemies at all. Instead, all must be good brothers, sisters and friends to you. After all, you only have yourself to hurt with your hatred;

  1. Being a fanatic

Stop “following” every celebrities, gurus and charlatans of this world. Realize that even the pastor at the church only saves as your helper and never as the way. Quit stalking Rihanna and Justin Bieber. How can someone going by the name “50 Cent” be worthy of being taken seriously? Let go of your Arsenal Football team and the likes worries (yes, I know that’s a raw nerve I’m touching there). Just be a fan of yourself for a change;

  1. Living on some borrowed philosophies

Some people can’t finish a sentence without saying “According to Mr. /Miss X…” Yes, this world is being governed by politics, religion and money, and this always means that the one with the loudest mouth, the one who reads and quotes the thickest books and the one who has the fattest wallet always gets the most followers. Ask any great philosopher how they became one and they will tell you it is because they decided not to follow others. Now you know the short cut to greatness-I hope. The wisdom of the sages and the seers is always good for shining the light on your paths, but it is up to you to find the way and walk your own walk.


It, therefore, goes without saying that in order for you to live a fuller life you must simplify things and strive to be your authentic best. You cannot achieve that when you settle for the second best. Stop fearing fear and know there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Believe in nobody but yourself. All power resides within. The Universe can’t wait to anoint you and bow down before you as its emperor.

If you find yourself still stuck in the above habits, then you are not really living your life, but merely leading a measly existence.