Lotus Love
Have you ever observed what reactions the word “love” elicits from everybody? Just mention the word and see one’s eyes almost popping out, their lips and other limbs quivering, and even their skin colour losing a shade or two.

Last week we spoke about the fact that LIFE is too short and precious to be spent dwelling on things that don’t make it a full and rich experience. I hope that helped make you realise that you deserve everything magnificent and none of the mediocre.

Look I’m not here to stand on higher ground and claim that the experiences of life are as simple as said, especially in this seemingly chaotic world we live in. Neither am I advising you to live the monk-type of life or any sort of extremism, either to the lift or the right. However, my aim is to challenge you to keep on pushing to the positive front and attain daily experiences of happiness. You get my drift? Right.

Having said that, let me take the challenge even further and introduce you to the first of what I call the 12 PILLARS OF POSITIVE THOUGHT- Love.

Love is the first ingredient of the process of positive thought; for it is the power behind all life. This great phenomenon of nature can be simply defined through its following synonyms: affection for; adore; worship; be devoted to; care for; find irresistible; be keen on and so forth.

Love is like a bush fire; it does not matter where and when it has been set alight-it will still consume and raze down whatever stands on its way.

There are so many ways that such a fire could be set; it could be either deliberate or by accident. The fire might need air as its energy, the wind as its driver and also some material to burn; but, all these are just incidental to the fire while the heat, the flame the smoke and even the ashes are all its sons and daughters.

The best way to describe a fire is through the experience it brings and its effects, while, oftentimes, it is described by its cause. At the same time it can be described by its victims-who, where, when, why and how?
Some bush fires are controlled while others are instantaneous and rage with reckless abandon. Some fires such as lightning come and leave with such enormous intensity and a trail of disaster much to the bewilderment of both the witnesses and victims. There are also some fires that are mere tiny specks with just a smoulder of smoke. However, all fires tend to leave an indelible scar, a trail and an experience usually never to be forgotten.

To simplify the act of love for the time being I have set below a few dos and don’ts of unconditional love. Go through them, challenge them and yourself as well, then discuss them with whoever you think cares:

1. Focus on the inexhaustible/infinite great source of love within everything and everybody (we have different names for it; God, Allah, The Buddha Nature, The Universe etc.;
2. Love unconditionally and for the sake of love;
3. Carry out acts of love at all times;
4. Carry thoughts of unconditional love with you wherever you go;
5. Remember fairness is love;
6. Remember firmness is love;
7. Always know your source of love is inexhaustible and you are always connected to it.

1. Do not tell them you love them; show them you love them instead;
2. Do not mistake lust and selfishness for love;
3. Do not expect rewards for your acts of love;
4. Do not mistake weakness and other emotions related to fear for acts or feelings of love;
5. Do not cling and be possessive-real love sets free;
6. Do not save acts of love for special or specific situations, people or things;
7. The love of money and other material things brings out the “Judas” out of you; while unconditional love brings out the “Jesus” out of you-do not choose “Judas” over “Jesus”.

As you go through the above dos and don’ts as frequently as possible realise that you will be inspired to produce your own list or re-model what is on the list. What I have given you is a guideline for the scrip of your life, a script that must eventually be in your own words.

It will help you to be consistent in your acts of unconditional love while focusing on them in an unwaveringly concentrated fashion which to a casual observer might even seem unreasonable.

Thought for the week: After all, loving never hurts-if it hurts it is not real love.

Let’s meet next week as I share with you a Parable Of Love.

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