Parable of the bush fire

Bush Fire
A man, unaware in the woods carelessly casts away a smoldering cigarette stub on a dry, windy winter day. Oblivious of the impending carnage to the ecosystem that he has just triggered, he strolls away, never to even remember the seemingly insignificant event.

The smoldering patch of the woods gradually builds up into a steady flame which eventually accelerates its momentum and magnitude, ragging on into an angry ferocious inferno that incinerates and lacerates all along its way. At this point even the lives of those who dare try and douse the conflagration are threatened.

Imagine the litany of its victim and the trail of disaster at its wake, the trauma on both its animate and inanimate victims.

There are two things to note here: That the fire has disregard for its source and its victims-it just rages on as long as the right conditions exist, at some point even creating its own conditions and becoming a law unto itself; secondly, the individual who triggered the fire might not even get to know about it, or might at the moment of its great height, be trembling with guilt consuming his soul. On the other hand, he might be rubbing his hands with glee and celebrating the fire. But the one thing is that such every fire leaves a scar never to be forgotten.
Such is the story of unconditional love: It has this careless abandon about its nature. It mows down whatever is on its way.
Who does not have a love story or even two to share? Well, even those living under rocks have love tales to tell, be they happy ones or sad ones.

So many unfortunate tales of love having caused untold destruction are aplenty. But, the Universe’s love is that life-changing fire which it intentionally ignites and watches with joy as it consumes heart after heart from generation to generation with no care, whatsoever, of whom the victim would be. This is one fire which even when you try to run and hide from, catches up with you. The one thing is that you have the power to choose to be either its victim or its beneficiary.

Despite how it has been perverted, bastardized and meted with all types and sorts of abuses, love is a positive emotion. When one is filled with love they become a perfect conductor of all great things-everything becomes possible to them. When love permeates your soul and flows down through your mind and body you are transformed into a divine and unstoppable entity, possessed of infinite power.

Even as you read now, love is already consuming your whole being and transporting you to those “places” treasured by your heart. This is not ordinary love I am talking about. I am not referring to it in the sense of that word which has always suffered the fate of always getting twisted and morphed at every chance for individuals’ benefits. The love I mean is that wonderful unconditional, universal love; the one that makes you love even those that hate and hurt you and is not selective of circumstances and emotional states.

Having the feelings of love only must not be the end in itself. Instead the next step will be to put love into action in all the spheres of your daily life; for love without action is as barren as a desert without a thriving oasis.

That’s it for this week my good folks, as we take a deeper look at our first one of the “12 PILLARS OF POSITIVE THOUGHT-LOVE”.

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Let’s meet here again next week as I share my “POWERING YOURSELF TO SUCCESS THROUGH LOVE-THE STRATEGIES”
Thought for the week: Every miracle is just a tale of LOVE.