LOVE IN ACTION-The Daily Exercise

In my past few postings I have shared with you the Dos and Don’ts of love, the Parable of love, together with the Strategies to help you power yourself to success through love. As per my promise last time, now let me share with you an exercise that is meant to help you incorporate love into your daily life.

Depending on the stage of your life that you might be on and the spiritual, intellectual and even physical space that you are currently in, your opinion of and about love is bound to be different from that of the next person. There might be similarities here and there, but, just like art, we all appreciate or discern love differently.
It would be both mischievous and naive of me to claim that what I have been sharing with you on the past installments of this blog are conclusive ideas of how to approach the subject of love. No! In fact, it would seem like I have just been scooping on the surface.

However, as a teacher, my duty is to help draw you out of your preconceptions on the subject of love, look and live it from all possible different perspectives while enjoying it all along the way.

To harness the power of love here is your daily exercise for the next thirty (30) days:
1. Every morning as you wake up mention five acts of love that you experienced yesterday from others and you are grateful for;
2. Go ahead and list ten things that you unconditionally love. These might be people, your pets, work etc. (they must be different for everyday of the month, but could be repeated next month)
3. What five acts of love are you looking forward to receive from others today? List them;
4. What five acts of love are you looking forward to producing today? List them;
5. During the day observe all acts of unconditional love performed by other people or things towards others. List five of them at the end of your day;
6. Not everything always go according to love; at end of your day list five of those acts that were performed by you or others that you think are wanting of love;
7. Take your list from number six and with every item on it list what you would do to make them produce a successful love outcome.

Doing this might sound and look like a hectic task at the beginning but as you keep on doing it, it will become easier with every passing day. You will also realize that almost all the actions of the day are actually interconnected and are easy to recollect. However, for purposes of utilizing your brain and power of thought, you must not copy from any list that you have previously made. With practice, this might take you at least five minutes every morning and five minutes at end of the day before you retire. You must then go ahead and make this a daily ritual until it is incorporated into your life habits.

Thought for the week:

In the dark depths of the ocean,
Carelessly lies a single pearl,
Gleaming like a beacon of hope.

Show me the darkest cave,
Where no moth, albeit tinny, exists.

In the heart of the meanest ruler a twinkling spark lies,
Ready to explode into an inferno of affection.

Hail that art nature taught even to the rocks and rivers.
Not a preserve of the beings,
But even beasts both tame and wild,
Bow down to that shooting star.
For love is Lord over all souls.

This is more like it on LOVE, the first one of the Twelve Pillars of Positive Thought. I do hope the insights I shared with you will go a long way in helping you keep on building and improving your character and self in all areas of your life. Next week we get started on the next pillar- BEAUTY.

Please share this post and don’t forget to give us feedback through your comment on the space bellow. Meantime receive my sweet LOVE!