Welcome to www.4yagas.com (for young and gifted Africans)

Are you an opinion leader?
Do you believe you have something special to share and say to the world out there?
Do you desire to improve your self-confidence?
Or, maybe, you are one of those fabulous social butterflies with a penchant to flaunt your personal magnetism, all for a good cause. Right?

Then: if you are one of the above or similar; if you believe you are a young and gifted African, of any race, color or creed (or anybody with something interesting to those), bellow the age of 45 (or you are not, but have some message aimed at those), we have the BEST news for you.This is the first of many exciting innovative activities to come onto this platform. For now we would like to invite you to send us your video letter:

We know there is something close to your heart that you have a burning desire to share with any individual, an organization, any object, or, even a deity.

This, then, is your opportunity to let the proverbial “cat out of the bag”.

Here is how you go about it:

1. IN YOUR OWN WORDS, write a script of your letter addressing it to your specific subject (please do not mix languages, you could make different videos in different languages if you like-it’s all good);
2. Then record yourself using any recording gadget that you may have access to; that might be your phone (just speak to the phone camera), a web-cam, or even a cam-coder. Whatever the instrument you use, just spit your words to it like you were addressing that particular subject to their face;
3. Make this a talk-video for a between 1-5 minutes. That means the video must not be less than one minute and not more than 5 minutes;
4. Make it as simple as you can. The “selfie-video” is the best to go with;
5. Do not worry even if you are to be reading straight from your script or you have to spell it out from your heart-it is all good for now;
6. Remember it must be original, a passionate piece and with no intention to upset, offend or injure anyone;
7. Also, do not worry about how professionally done the video would be, as long as you love it, we and all are also going to dig ittoo;
8. When you are done with recordingsave your simple but lovely videoand just go to www.4yagas.com and then:
i. On the MAIN MENU click on “UPLOADS VIDEOS”;
ii. You will need to first simply register and get a PROFILE or LOG IN if you’ve already registered;
iii. Click “SUBMIT VIDEO” and then follow the simple procedure to upload your video;
9. Be patient, it might take some little while before your video appears on the site. But be rest assured it will be published. Then, WHALAAH, you are now a confirmed “yaga” (Young And Gifted African) or just a confirmed proud member of the community 4yagas;
10. Log onto www.4yagas.com and check out yours and the other videos we publish. Share them on every platform that you can think of- the more the merrier remember;
11. One more and important thing is that you will now stand a chance to be invited to our Annual 4yaga Conference whose details are yet to be announced
12. Remember everything depends on the strength of your participation and as a young leader , your organizing your communities to “like”, comment on, share and vote for your video
13. You can do that from wherever you are in Africa and the world, as long as you are an African citizen of any race or have those young and gifted Africans at heart;
14. Your contribution could be politics, social activism, science/research/development, arts, religion, education…or anything as long as you believe it is ground-breaking, inspirational, and for a positive change (we could also do with some bit of humor as well);
15. As long as it is clean and well spoken, we are good to go with it;
16. With your participation you stand a chance to be invited to our inaugural 4yagas conference to be held in Johannesburg in 2017 (date yet to be announced).

NB This is the “Billion Men and Women March” baby, be part of it NOW!!!
For more contact us at: info@4yagas.com